About the project

Manao is travel for women who want to be inspired

How does it work?

Manao Concept

Manao’s mission is to create trips for women that are filled with inspiration and discovery that are also in the safe and friendly atmosphere of small groups. We travel, learn, experience and rest.

Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences and encounters with other cultures and women that will open new horizons and enrich your journey. We will take you to beautiful places but we will go beyond just seeing. We believe these unique and in-depth travel experiences bring not only knowledge but, above all, the possibility of a new perspective of oneself. With greater understanding of oneself and tolerance to otherness, that love and respect for the life that each woman carries will be a message that is passed down to future generations.

We also want to share this joy with woman who cannot do so for financial reasons. Therefore, each time a woman joins us on a trip, we make a flat fee contribution to the Joy for You Fund.

Who is the team behind Manao?

Your tour step by step


You choose where to go

View our offer of holidays in the Czech and Slovak Republics and choose the one that you wish to go on. Do you want to explore or create on your holiday? It is up to you!


Order a place

After ordering and paying your deposit, you can communicate with others about everything that comes to your interest in the group.


Wait for confirmation

Each holiday has 8 to 10 participants and takes place as soon as the minimum number of interested people registers for it. We will provide all the information you need in time.


Set out on your holiday

You know your guide, you know what to take with you, and you have already become acquainted with your co-travellers. You are ready!


This is just the beginning…

You return from your holiday with friends and the experiences you shared with them. You have the option of remaining in contact with your new friends, and thanks to Manao, also go on another holiday together!



Manao is the Hawaiian word for senses. At Manao, our purpose is to stimulate all five of your senses by introducing you to ideas and experiences that are beautiful, inspiring, fulfilling, compassionate and kind…all positive! Everyone chooses ideas, so let us pick those that strengthen us.
At Manao, we have a communication system through which you can choose your preference among a selection of trips, connect with fellow travelers before and after your trip, and select from many interesting experiences designed for the female soul. We take care of all the administrative details and logistics in one complete package, so you can focus on absorbing new experiences, relaxing and enjoying.

"It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn – which is what life is all about." - Oprah Winfrey

Because dreams need to be realized, we developed Manao. Manao gives women a wide range of opportunities to explore new places, find different ways to spend free time, discover new souls and enjoy being exclusively in a women's group. Female sharing is enriching and inspiring, and it is important that we carve out time for it in our busy lives.

Of course! For you, the Manao format is perfect. You have the opportunity to meet and travel with other women who have similar interests to you. You can choose your roommate after getting to know each other through your trip’s discussion group. Or, if you prefer to have your own room, you can stay alone for an extra fee.
Women who are single or married, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, photographers, writers, cooks, artists, students, doctors, lawyers, yogis, runners, clerks, businesswomen, teachers. Every woman who wants to experience something new, step out of her comfort zone, make new friends and discover herself is a Manao traveler.
The minimum number of Manao travelers is 6-8 women per destination. Once this number is reached, the trip will be realized. The maximum number is 8-10 by destination. Our goal is to keep the groups small, because everyone will be able to participate more easily and it will feel more comfortable.
Travel connects and we want you to stay connected when you return home. You can stay in touch with your new friends through Manao portal where you can share your photos and experiences. These photos will be shared between you and the Manao galleries. You can be inspired by seeing other photos and arrange a new joint adventure with Manao. We are also preparing to provide Manao travelers with interesting lectures and activities so the community can continue to build and stay connected when you are at home!
Yes, it is possible. On request, we can book your stay for you and your girlfriends. Let us know and we will contact you to make your dream trip come true.
No worries! It's great that you found the courage and the desire to try something new. Just let us know so we can provide appropriate information and assistance as you plan your travels. We would be happy to help guide you in the process.

Usually, we do not include the travel to/from the destination to give you the opportunity to choose when and how you will arrive and depart. We want to offer you flexibility because some travelers may want to be in the destination a few days earlier or stay a few days longer.

However, if you would like us to book your travel or arrange a transfer, we can do so. If you choose to stay additional days before or after the trip, we can request a room reservation on your behalf. Just let us know about your plans and we are happy to help!

Upon arrival at our meeting place, all land transport is included in the price.

As far as travel, health and cancellation insurance are concerned, it is necessary! Our company’s compulsory travel insurance against bankruptcy and our travel agent license can be checked in the Documents section.
Yes. We are working with a special fund from which we are able to financially support the enjoyment of travelling to women who cannot afford it.

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