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We love traveling,
we love learning,
we love life.

Manao team

  • Jana
    Director & Owner

    I need travel in my life like we need water to live. I look forward to seeing new horizons, and planning for the next adventure keeps me inspired every day. I love to meet people. My faithful travelling companions are books which always take quite a bit of space in my suitcases. I love to experience life through all the senses - fragrances, tastes, feelings, sounds and beautiful scenery. In my free time, I enjoy walking through the woods and painting. Painting is a form of meditation for me, when the world ceases to exist and I am charged with energy. The Nordic countries are a complete magnet for me, and I like to go back there again and again. The challenge that lures me is travelling through the Far East.

  • Petra
    Trip Curator & Coordinator

    I can get easily very excited for an interesting project, let it consume me. I love to create surprises for others. I put a lot of thought into planning and arranging of the surprise, to make it bring both joy and a sense of meaning. I’m inspired by music, any and all. Different circumstances and moods call for different music. Even when I’m tired, I just need some good tune to give me a kick and off I go again.

  • Lenka
    Trip Curator & Coordinator

    Already playing as a little girl in the sandbox, I was called a commander and the teacher at school said that one day I would definitely be a leader. And she was right. Today, I am leading women on trips of discovery, of a lifetime.Travelling is my philosophy. It opens our mind to other cultures and religions, it opens doors to other nations, their customs, traditions. It teaches us tolerance and understanding of other people. Travelling means to accept them, or watch them quietly and do not interfere. Food is my life’s passion, so in my travels I like discovering new foods and cuisines. I learn about other cultures through their dining customs - for example, the way people pour and serve tea and coffee, or what they talk about at the table.

  • Klára

    My life’s motto is to be honest and authentic. The most beautiful place I have been is probably Madeira but there are so many beautiful places in the world that are special and wonderful in their own way. Perhaps all places are beautiful when we are with the right people. I have a new favorite activity and that is to work towards living an ecological and minimalist lifestyle. Cooking and baking (and eating!) will always be among my favorite activities.

  • Jitka

    In my life, I follow the motto: We only live once! Carpe diem! Therefore, my goal is to enjoy everything that life offers. I love svickova (Czech steak) with dumplings and everything sweet. I was a very active softball player, and I like to keep moving in all ways especially traveling from place to place. I found the Promised Land in Australia, where I would like to return again and again. On my way there, I would like to stopover for a visit in New Zealand, which is still waiting for me.

  • Kate
    Copywriter & Coordinator

    I am an American living in Prague and I love to explore the world and meet new people. I have travelled to 32 countries and 34 US states. After having children, I limited my overseas travel but I have taken the opportunity to discover the beauty of my new home country, the Czech Republic where there are many castles, forest retreats and inspiring cities, like Prague. Running is my hearty affair, as well as meeting friends with good coffee a glass of wine. My deepest travel memory is night scuba diving in Malaysia. At the top of my list of places to visit is Kenya and a place that I be happy to return to many times over is the Tuscan countryside.

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